The least of things with meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.
-Carl Jung.


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Change will come from within because there is no limit to your depth.

My name is Erik Johnston, and I am a depth therapist. Being a depth therapist means I seek to explore your inner feelings, thoughts, sensations, and intuitions as a way of creating options and new ways of being in your outer life. I seek first to support and know you – as an individual or as a couple – so that I can reflect back to you who you are and who you want to be. You will be offered the opportunity to change yourself and your behavior to make healthy changes. In some ways I do this like many therapists, through talk, body awareness, mindfulness: ultimately gaining a further understanding of the whole you. In other ways I am quite unique. People are often surprised at how flexible I am in my ability to work with both women’s and men’s issues – working with both the feminine and the masculine aspects of our nature. My many years of working with parents and children as a play therapist have provided me a sense of the safety and sensitivity needed to support loss and trauma. At the same time, our work will contain play, productive communication, and movement toward growth.

My Work with Couples

I am often told that I am a deep and flexible therapist. An example of my flexibility can be seen in my work with couples. Couples often report how thankful they are that I am able to get in both partners’ corners and support their needs from their perspective. In couples work communication and your understanding of each other’s family background are essential to moving forward in your relationship. It is my ability to “get behind” and support each person in the therapy room that allows me to fully support each partner – not just their words, but their intention and motivation. Below I have outlined the services I offer.

individual My primary interest is using the depth of who you are to help you relate to the roles and relationships in your life. Your life is a story, and you are the most important character in your story. Together we can help you find a story that supports you, what you need, and what you want.

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couplesIn our pasts we learned to relate and love through the relationships, families, cultures, and religious institutions in which we were raised. It is the stickiness of past relationships that may have become the stuck you are in today. By looking at each partner’s family role, I will help you discover who you are today, and who you want to be together. By opening to your history, you can loosen and dispel the reactive patterns that drain your current relationship of intimacy, understanding, passion and compassion.

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familyIn family therapy I help family members relate by making clear the roles, rules, and expectations the family shares. As these family roles and values become clear, I will help the individuals work as a team — not as opponents — and support meaningful direction for each member. Everyone in a family should have a voice and everyone should have a positive role.

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couplesSand Tray therapy is an important type of play therapy. It is important because it uses the the internal world of symbols and play to transform trauma, support change, and to find growth from within. Sand Tray therapy has the ability to find what makes each individual unique and use their voice as the primary resource for growth.

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