The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.
-Carl Jung.


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It is not enough that conflicts get resolved or low points in your life become high points.


Whatever you face, you must be ready with the skills to manage and freely act within any situation. In my experience people have many parts to themselves. Therapy can help these parts join together so that you can move forward without giving up what is important to you.

Therapy with me is an avenue for exploring your world in whatever way you experience it. Whether in direct acknowledgment or felt understanding my job is to model respect and acceptance. I do not only want to accept you, but your choices, life, and story. I am a psychodynamic Therpist; this means I believe that you have many parts of yourself – whether these be internal voices or the voices of friends and family. These voices are all pushing for your attention and your direction. Yet, only when these voices begin a productive dialogue can you come to an agreement on what you want, where you are headed, and how best to involve the input of others.

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In my work I use many different theraputic approaches most influential being: Depth and dream Psychology, Internal Family Systems, and Attachment Theory. In addition to these approaches I work at Jumping Mouse Children’s Center, and my work there as a Play and Sandplay therapist influences my work in private practice. Although I flex to your needs, here are three configurations that can help narrow the kind of work we will do together.

individual My primary interest is helping you relate to the roles and relationships in your life. Your life is a story. And the most important character in your story is — you. I commit to helping you find the important themes and characters to your story so that you can learn how best to navigate the life you have been given. And it is good navigation that will allow you to sail on to the life that you want, with the companions you want to travel with.

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couplesWe arrive from our past. During our past, we learned to relate and love through relationships, families, cultures, and religions. The stickiness of past relationships has become the stuck you find yourself in today. By looking at each partners family history and relationships, I’ll help you discover who you are today, and who you want to be together. By examining your history, you can loosen and dispel the reactive patterns that drain your current relationship of intimacy, understanding, passion, and compassion.

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familyIn family therapy, I help family members relate by observing and participating in family dynamics. As family roles and rules become clear, I’ll help the family reorganize as a team — not as opponents — and give meaningful direction and constructive order to its members.

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